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Mississippi universities removing state flag due to confederate connection



  • gregglgreggl Posts: 21,594 Officer
    When I was a child my school made me Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, now when my daughters went to school the book was banned,

    when was that?
  • red owlred owl Posts: 671 Officer
    Well for all you confederate types, around 1890 Jefferson Davis gave a commencement address at the University of Mississippi. He told the graduating class that huge changes had taken place in America, we were becoming a manufacturing super power and they ought to reach out and be part of it. He thanked them for the kind sentiment on "the old south" but basically said life goes on. He never apologized for his view and stand but said it was something that belonged to his generation and they had no right to impose anything on newer generations.
    If Robert E. Lee came back to life I'd bet my bottom dollar he's say the same thing. Time to move on.
    And remember, Sam Houston, Andrew Jackson, and a lot of other notables from the South were confirmed Union advocates. Just because a person is cool on the Confederate Battle Flag doesn't mean he doesn't love the south.
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