LBK 8/22 Looking for Redfish, saw Grayfish, wound up with...

Started my FS account by requesting some general local Intel for an experienced out-of towner. With the exception of 2 brave individuals, you guys seem pretty protective of what you have over here. Don't know that I can blame you for a new member to the forum who hadn't yet contributed, or "payed his dues" yet, so here is a little to pay forward...

Was vectored to a location fairly close to where we were staying and put in after first light. It must've been a decent spot because there were already two 'yakkers on the water before I got there. My first observation is that your West Coast Roe Mullet are obscenely HUGE.

Started off by paddling across the channel, and working around a school of mullet on a grass flat near some mangroves constantly looking for any tell"tail" signs of Reds or trout feeding. Nada. I've been fishing over 30 years and only within the past 6-7 have discovered flats/ sight fishing, and the name of the game there is to keep moving which is what I did. Covered a lot of grass in what I consider ideal depth (<2') some turtle, some eel, some mixed, some ares with potholes, some without. Wind was up a little from the East, about 10mph making it difficult to discern fish/ wakes in the more unprotected areas so I focused on ridges, and other spots I thought would concentrate fish, and even changed up lure colors a few times just to make sure the bases were being covered. Found the other kayakers anchored up near an island and seemingly have as much success as I was. Paddled across a channel between islands with a grass flat on one side and immediately noticed a gray dorsal working the edge. Any fish is better than no fish at this point so I set up and make a few casts. I actually got it to follow my paddletail for a few feet but it wouldn't commit. Worked my way around the island with nothing of interest to see. Made a few blind casts to some mangrove points, and hooked up with something small that came unbuttoned at the boat.

By this time it's a good ways from where I launched and not much besides channels and sea walls between there and here so focus turned to getting back to point A which was interrupted twice: First while coming across a tarpon(s) molesting some mullet that yielded nothing, and second when I decided to try a juicy looking dock which gave up this little fellow:

I had a bad experience with a Gulf flounder a few weeks ago that went from water to pan in a matter of a half hour. As one of the fillets began curling up in the pan, so did my stomach. I decided this one would get some rest first before being eaten so it got to chill out in the fridge for a few days.

Decided to cook wifey Flounder stuffed with crabmeat. After checking out a few online recipes decided the homemade stuffing wasn't going to happen so chose some frozen store bought instead. Not the cheap stuff but still turned out to be the weak link to the point I would recommend against it though it didn't ruin the dish.

Started by seasoning the 2 fillets with seasalt, black pepper, onion and garlic powder, and some lemon pepper seasoning which is basically all of the above with lemon extract. Thawed, lightly browned the lump crab meat stuffing and smeared it over the fillets, completely covering them about 3/8" thick, then rolled them up, tail end first. Put them in a lightly olive-oiled glass baking dish and sprinkled some paprika on top.

In the grill at 375 for 15-20 min, out of the grill, basted with butter, then into the preheated oven to broil on high for 5-7 minutes. All the while the fish was cooking I was also browning a legume medley in a shallow pan with salt, black pepper and butter.

The end result looked as good as it ate and wife was very happy. :cool:

Tl;Dr: Flatfish saved the day.


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