Post from the past 6 trips in Crystal River and Yankeetown

Got a little backed up on the posts so I apologize. They've been on Youtube and Facebook but I forget to come on here sometimes. I've made about 6 trips in the past month and a half. Starting with the most recent.

Redfish with Gary 8/25
My first trip on Garys Action Craft with the new Mercury Pro Xs. It was super quiet, smooth and top speed was impressive with a 4 blade prop. We went for Redfish and we got a couple 21-22"ers quick then we moved around and as the water went out the wind picked up and it became more difficult to fish. Got a couple small reds and snook as well. Some were on shrimp and some we on gold spoons. Off the water by 11:30am.

Go Pro Video

Redfish with Corey 8/15
We spent 90% of the day fishing new areas to us in Yankeetown for the first time. Caught a couple reds at each spot using live shrimp either free lined with a split shot or on a bobber. Found a couple spots where the small reds were schooled up and managed a couple on artificial. Then one spot had a bunch of small reds and black drum. Ended up catching 25 Reds and about 7 drum. Lost both of the biggest reds of the day somehow! I let Corey tie his own hook 1 time and thats when he loses the 25" red go figure. Caught like 6 reds over 18" but only 2 were over 20".

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Cobia and Grouper with Kayak Chris 8/2
Went out to 15ft and caught some snapper, grunt, grouper and a cobia. There was several 10-11.5" snapper but no real big ones. Brad managed 1 27" gag after it pulled him into the structure a few times. Bite slowed down and I caught a hogfish which was pretty cool. Then the sharks and remoras were the only things biting so we headed in to do some scalloping. Visibility was poor and it was high tide but we managed 75 in less than an hour.

Go Pro Videos
Just the Cobia and Gag
Whole Day

Big Snook 7/29
We wanted to get a snook before sunset in Yankeetown but we didn't hit the water till 6pm giving us about an hour and a half to fish. Had several big fish follow my topwater and crush it (off camera of course) but no real commitments. Jake managed 1 37" snook on a yellow diving yozuri that he loves to make the trip worth it.

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Shallow Water Goliath Grouper, Small Trout and Scallops 7/26
Did the usual caught like 10 trout in an hour, did a little bit of scalloping and then we went spearfishing. None of my spearfishing spots are more than 5 miles from where we scallop. We actually found some really cool spots! I couldn't believe my eyes when I swam up on a 300lb Goliath Grouper in less than 10ft of water! Hope these spots hold sheepshead, gags, and bigger snapper once the water cools down.

Go Pro Video


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