C Tug kayak cart?

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Does anyone have one of these? I done a search and couldn't find a thread about them. I have read reviews and watched videos, but am still not sure about getting one. I am interested in how well they tow a yak in soft sand. At amazon they cost $140 with the regular tires. Then, you can upgrade your tires for another $90. Definitely not interested in putting $230 into a kayak cart, the $140 is kinda stretching my wallet as it is. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


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    Saw a couple and reviews & post by a dude calling himself "sailor" on Fish the Future....
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    I have one They are great very strong
    mine has this type of wheels

    they work fine for me in sand our hard surfaces
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  • dubardubar Posts: 54 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the info on the strength of them. Should be very durable then. Have you used it in soft/sugar sand? With the standard tires or the upgrade tires?
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    I have a C-Tug. The one's with the inflatable tires can go flat and are a pain to change the tubing inside. I got the hard plastic. No it will not go through sugar sand easily unless you have a very light yak with little equipment inside. I tried it with a 60 pound rowboat with tackle, rods and fish finder inside. The wheels dug trenches and would hardly roll. For sugar sand you'll need something like Wheelz or one of the knock-offs. The benefit of the C-Tug is that is somewhat foldable and comes apart easily if needed. Because the wings fold it's somewhat adaptable to boat bottoms. I use it on both the sliding seat rowboat and a Wavewalk yak. With the dual hull. the Wavewalk is far from ideal for the C-Tug, but if you have a standard yak. I don't think you'll have any problems at all. Be aware the C-Tug relies on two straps and plastic latch to secure it to your yak. Ideally you have something to run the straps through, otherwise they're liable to slide around the edge of the hull.
  • dubardubar Posts: 54 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the information. I believe I will look into the wheeleez cart.
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    Made my own using 8" inflatable tires from harbor freight and PVC. Works great on any terrain and can be quickly assembled/disassembled. Cost me around $20.
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    I've got a Nucanoe Frontier 12, and the C-Tug is exactly what I needed. Its easy to load/unload and as long as you are pushing from the opposite end of the Yak that the C-Tug is mounted on or pulling from the end its mounted on with the strap tight it won't come off or give you any problems. Its best to mount it about 1/3 of the way from either end of the Yak and push from the other end or pull from the end its mounted on. I store my Yak on a sheet of 4X8 plywood that's about a foot off the ground and when storing my Yak I just push the 2/3 end without the C-Tug up on the plywood and remove the C-Tug when it reaches the end of the plywood and is just dangling in the air. Its easy to mount and easy to take off. It also breaks down into seven pieces and can be stored in most Yak hulls. Then reassembled in about 90 seconds. Its just a great product, even so, its fairly expensive. Don't think it will handle our sugar soft sand very well, even with the wheel option. FLCoyote
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