Jody's first Wahoo SLI 8/22/16

This past Monday we had Jody and Adam in town from Tampa. Neither one of them had ever caught a Mahi. We loaded up on Sardines at the Sand pile and we were on our way in search of Mahi. On our way out to Push Button we came across two crab buoy's connect by a rope with lots of small Mahi. We broke out the inshore rods and Jody/Adam had a blast catching just under keeper size Mahi (we used cut Sardines on circle hooks). After 45 minutes of playing with small Mahi, we decided to head out in search of bigger fish. Just as we were getting ready to take off bigger Mahi showed up to the party. We pitched out live Sardine’s and both Adam and Jody are hooked up on slinger/gaffer size Mahi. Now we have three keepers in the boat. I get Jody baited up with a live Sardine and she flips it out 20’ from the side of the boat. A Wahoo skyrockets 5’ out of the water next to the boat and it was game on. I’m waiting any minute for the line to go slack since we are using 40 # fluorocarbon leader. After 45 minutes the fish is within gaffing range and I get a great head shot. Thank god the circle hook was right in the corner of the mouth. This was Jody’s first Wahoo and Mahi.


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