Switching to the iPad From a Humminbird

CFLBobCFLBob Posts: 40 Deckhand
I'm trying to figure out if the iPad with Navionics app needs an internet connection.

Right now, I have a (3 year old) Humminbird 598 ci HD SI sonar that I bought a Navionics memory card for. I also have the Navionics app on my iPhone, and the maps on my iPhone are better than the ones on the Humminbird. I tend to want to use both the chart and the sonar display, which makes the charts even smaller.

That's when I thought I have an iPad Air, and I could run the navigation display on the iPad while letting the sonar just be a sonar. I've already done this with my phone. I've driven the boat around with my phone for the Navionics charts.

I think all I need is for the GPS receiver to send coordinates to the Navionics app. I don't think the GPS needs an internet connection to do that. I think it only needs it if a map program is running to download the pictures for the map program. Since the Navionics app seems to download an area chart with all it needs, maybe it needs a connection when you first turn it on, but then not again.

Can you comment on whether the iPad running the Navionics app needs to have an internet connection, or if it will run self-sufficiently? My ipad has WiFi and bluetooth, but I don't expect to get WiFi where I'm boating.

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  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 696 Officer
    You are correct about that. You do not need to have internet signal for the GPS on your ipad to show your location. So, you should be able to use the ipad for navigation and the Humminbird for the down view.

    I have actually been 200 miles offshore, just north of Cuba, and the ipad nailed my location perfectly.

    Hope that helps...
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