Guide -- How to comment on a FWC proposed rule

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Hello all,

I have created a simple guide to help you understand how to make comments on rules proposed by FWC. It is attached to this post. I couldn't figure out how to post it any other way.

Why comment? Providing your comments on proposed rules is important. FWC must take into consideration all comments beore adopting a rule. Many of you cannot afford to take the time to attend FWC's workshops in-person; however, providing your comments online is just as effective, if not more so.

Hopefully it's helpful. If it is, maybe someone can stick it to the top of this subforum.

If you have any input to make this guide better, let me know.


How to comment on a FWC proposed rule.pdf


  • Westwall01Westwall01 Posts: 4,796 Captain
    Thanks for taking the time
  • surfmansurfman WC FLPosts: 4,232 Captain
    Ditto, looks like you put some time into it, thanks, will check it out.
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  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,537 Captain
    Thank you for posting this -- wish we were all more aware of this stuff.
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