Be warned, security at Black Point

krashkrash Posts: 648 Officer
Had a bad day launched from Black Point, 6:30 am, and upon returning, 11:30 am, found my car with both driver and passenger door windows smashed and shattered, console and glove box rummaged thru. Fortunately there was nothing visible and nothing to steal in the car, but smashed windows is a real PITA.
The windows had been smashed in so 95% of the glass was all over the inside of the car, fortunately I have tinted windows and the tint kind of held 75% of the shattered glass together but the other 25% was everywhere.

Called Cop's and they showed up 1.5 hours later to spend a good 5 minutes handing me a card with a contact and case number. called INs. company and have a $500 deductable, esitmate to fix $450.

Cops said leave your doors unlocked, and never leave any valuables in your car. He said its a common problem there, lots of glass remnants on the ground in the parking area, even though its a lighted and marked parking area, he said the thieves try your door and if it's locked pop the windows and lean in so as to not set off the alarm.

Called SafeLight and they came out and replaced both door windows, $444.95....

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  • JoeBCJoeBC Posts: 608 Officer
    Canoe launch I'm assuming?? That sucks, I launch the boat ramp there usually to avoid leaving my car over there, not enough eyes around.
  • krashkrash Posts: 648 Officer
    Yes the canoe launch, if going N. I launch there its just a hassle paddle to go out around the jetty... if they would clean out and re-open the little bridges in the jetty we could easily go under at the lower stages of tide.

    The Park guy said not long ago someone broke into the Park truck and stole the cd player, on the ramp side.
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  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,333 Moderator
    I've been launching in a skiff with a friend quite often from Blackpoint, never had any problems, but I will let him know about your bad experience so he can be more vigilant about his car. Thanks for the warning, and sorry it happened to you man.
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  • Lobstercatcher229Lobstercatcher229 Posts: 4,845 Captain
    It has been a few years but I remember someone getting beat up at night at Black Point. I hope they can for your launch fee figure out a way to have some security in the area.
  • krashkrash Posts: 648 Officer
    Just a heads up... I been fishing there for years, actually since the '50's. This was at the kayak & canoe launch not in the main parking lot.

    There is no actual launch fee, just taxes.
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  • Android77Android77 Posts: 488 Deckhand
    You got to really love it when the police tell you it's been a big problem and it still goes on.
  • krashkrash Posts: 648 Officer
    Android77 wrote: »
    You got to really love it when the police tell you it's been a big problem and it still goes on.

    Yea especially when it takes them 1.5 hours to actually show up.
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