Johns Pass slow bite Saturday Night

Headed down I-4 I saw Z-Man going the opposite way. I called for intel. Was hoping to find some of his grouper. But no luck. We found lots of bait on the flats and one nice snook with the net. Headed 47 miles out. It was gorgeous out but no wind or current equals no bite.


Nice Pallet you can see for miles. Pulled one Triple Tail off of it.


Will was enjoying the ride out to the fishing grounds.

Captain Lennie and myself enjoying a ride between spots

Fished from 8pm Saturday to 2pm Sunday. Tally was five Mangos, two lanes, two AJ's and Almoco, 3 rock hind grouper and triple Tail. threw back plenty of Red Snapper. Only a couple undersized grouper.

A true day of fishing and not catching. Fun was still had


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