Shout out to Sea **** Marina and Middlegrounds Report 8/19

Just wanted to give a shout out and thanks again to Sea **** in Steinhatchee. Trailered over Friday from Jacksonville to do an overnight trip out to the Middle Grounds. On the way back in with about 52 miles to go, one of the props threw a blade and we had to limp in on one engine. That extended the trip by several hours. Got in touch with the fine folks at Sea **** on the radio and they were able to relay our situation to waiting wives at home to put them at ease. Really appreciate the assistance.
Below is the link to a report of our guys posted on the NE forum. Good trip!


  • mburke001 aka TripleBmburke001 aka TripleB Posts: 1,210 Officer
    Nice report
  • Rick1-2Rick1-2 HorseshoePosts: 918 Officer
    nice report, it looked flat outthere, the people at seahag are very nice
  • xmuskyguidexmuskyguide Beautiful HomosassaPosts: 1,515 Captain
    Great fishing. Sorry you had trouble on the way end. :thumbsup
  • Beginner's LuckBeginner's Luck Posts: 322 Deckhand
    You ever figure out what happened to that prop Dale? Seems really weird.
  • ShelShel Posts: 1,050 Officer
    You ever figure out what happened to that prop Dale? Seems really weird.
    Yea, it was strange how it just broke off. Didn't hit anything, we stopped the boat to check it out because the engine started shaking and vibrating. Raised the engine up and saw where the prop had broke. Props are just over three years old, talked to Powertech yesterday, they're not going to do anything for me so just have to break out another $500 for a prop. There is some discoloration in the middle of the crack area but who knows.:huh
    Robert, do you think super glue can fix it!:grin
  • Grouper GeniusGrouper Genius Posts: 1,205 Officer
    A stainless or aluminum prop?

    Either way that's the first one I heard of just breaking off like that. Crazy.

    Nice to have twins.
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  • ShelShel Posts: 1,050 Officer
    Powertech OFS4 Stainless. On another forum, there is actually a few cases reported where others have had this same issue with Powertech props.
  • RedbonzRedbonz Posts: 4,531 Captain
    Always a great time fishing the grounds....
    Just never know what you might catch...
    If it don't fit force it. If it breaks it needed replace anyways. :banghead
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