Grouper trolling 8/20

I have not posted in a while have been fishing but it has been slow and nothing really to talk about.

On 8/20 I had to get a buddy out of the house so that his wife could get ready for his surprise birthday party at 3:00 pm.

So off we go for his dirty 30 birthday fishing adventure we were headed south west out of Yankeetown to 40-50 ft we were going to troll as we always do. Set the course once we clear the channel and celebratory beers at 6 am. Arrive at 7:15 and we have the plugs in the water trolling and then the bites start. We quit fishing at noon. We ended up with 7 gags 26-29 inches and a hell of a hangover Sunday. I only got one picture so, it probably didn't happen.

All the fish were caught on rapalas mag 30s and wire leaders 80lb power pro. Ps the guy in the picture is 6'1" 320 ish cdcb957e8d3da7fa2618196acfa7a193.jpg

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