FPI snapper- week in review

Things started out on a positive note on the 1st trip.... seas were doable but a bit high for my liking... just didn't leave a safety margin if things picked up and I had a long run back. So I grabbed some dines and decided to fish inside and see if conditions outside improved later.
They did nicely but not till around midnight so I headed out... get close to 1st spot and theres a boat near there so I decided to go to another area and give them their space. Headed to a spot in 25' I hadn't fished since last year... marks on the machine indicate some life so lines in around 130a. Depsite not having any chum the fishing was good, baits were getting thumped not long after hitting bottom... caught a 28 & 26" mutton right off the bat and a few legal mangos and some short muttons... then the moonset and it was over. Fished another hour and a half on various spots and not even any hits.

A few days later anticipating an even better bite with the building moon... seas delayed me somewhat but not as long this time, went to a spot 30'... the bite was slower than I had hoped for but managed a couple legal muttons to 18" and 3 mangos in the 15-19" range over the course of a couple hours. A storm was moving in from offshore so had to pull the plug early.

Fast forward to last night.. should have been perfect... full moon decent seas. Fished a bunch of spots from the beach out to 55'.... 3 people fishing most of the night and we did not catch the first snapper :huh! Several grunts and a few blue runners were all we could muster... pretty unbelievable didn't even catch any sharks which usually are always prevelant. Has me wondering if I should have hit my deeper spots but intel was things haven't been on fire out there either.
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  • Capt.AWCapt.AW Posts: 933 Officer
    Nice report and fish.

    We fished shallow yesterday afternoon and the sharks were horrendous. I easily went through 30+ hooks. We managed 5 muttons to 8lbs
  • FISHHUNTRFISHHUNTR Posts: 1,282 Officer
    Thanks Adam.
    Holy crap... definitely sounds like you had to work for those fish... been there and that is a PITA!
    "FISHUNTR"- 2012 20' Pathfinder, Yamaha F150, HDS gen 3 9T
  • Fi$h2nguyenFi$h2nguyen Posts: 7,782 Moderator
    Nice couple of slobs!

    Keeping busy while away from Florida

  • bigh20bigh20 Posts: 251 Officer
    Thanks for sharing your report!
  • BacDocBacDoc Posts: 704 Officer
    Great report! I know what you mean about bite turning on or off with full moon.

    Went out Thursday and it was slowest bite of the season for us. Absolutely no current for a while then out of the N with SE wind, as you know that sucks. We did manage to get 4 mangos in the 3-5lb range and 2 big vermillions that were 3lbs. No muttons and only 2 ARS. Bottom in 80' was not cold.

    Best part was the flatlines were getting hit all day by nice size kings. Most were over 20lbs and one big fish broke my cheap sea star gaff so we had fun on spinning tackle. I'll post a report one of these days lol.
  • mile marker 0mile marker 0 Posts: 55 Greenhorn
    Got to ask been trying to find some productive bottom of ft Pierce seems while trolling in the 50-80 range have marked a ton of spots but when I go back to fish them seems like all small sea bass. Have dove the reefs off the beach a bunch of times but never see to much going on.Should I start trying the same spots at night.Thanks
  • OldSaltOldSalt Posts: 129 Officer
    Thanks again F-H for another helpful report....
  • FISHHUNTRFISHHUNTR Posts: 1,282 Officer
    Thanks Guys.

    BacDoc... Yeah the moons a Mofo sometimes, lol. Ill take that kinda "slow" trip after the skunking I wore Thursday night... sounds Like I shoulda went during the day
    "FISHUNTR"- 2012 20' Pathfinder, Yamaha F150, HDS gen 3 9T
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