Fish ID Help Needed

My son caught this last weekend on the Port Manatee reef while fishing for Mango Snapper. Caught a few nice Mangos.

Not sure what this is. At a looks like it has 2 lateral eyes...but the dark spot on the midline was just that...a spot...not a eye. The skin on this thing was like low grit sand paper...very rough.

What is this?



  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 9,253 Admiral
    Looks like a cowfish. But i could be wrong.
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  • Doc StressorDoc Stressor Homosassa, FLPosts: 2,366 Captain
    Orange filefish, Aluterus schoepfii.
  • H20dadH20dad Posts: 1,065 Officer
    above post seems correct
  • SpineymanSpineyman Posts: 7,931 Admiral
    It's liverlips McGraw!
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  • Kokosing LoverKokosing Lover Posts: 510 Officer
    Orange filefish, Aluterus schoepfii.

    Ding ding ding, we have a winner.
  • bigh20bigh20 Posts: 251 Officer
    Haven't eaten an orange filefish, but can tell you the couple we caught on a charter out of Jupiter were excellent!
  • SofthammerSofthammer Posts: 59 Greenhorn
    Out of curiosity, how was the snapper bite there?
  • Softhammer wrote: »
    Out of curiosity, how was the snapper bite there?

    Snapper bite was decent. Caught 7 mango snapper. Largest was 15 inches. Most were around 12 inches. We were anchored there for about 2 hours.
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