Kayak hunting Ducks Guana

crghsscrghss Posts: 156 Deckhand
I've drawn a permit for early Duck hunting on Guana. Does anyone hunt Guana with a Kayak? It looks like a pretty big area and I think you need to launch and return to the check out station so I would think this will make the whole process prohibative but was looking for someone who's done it or is thinking of doing it.

Please don't move to hunting sections as all the haters will just so no, stay out, and make this a useless thread.


  • FloridaODFloridaOD Posts: 3,355 Captain
    I am not personally familiar with Guana duck hunting but am familiar with the area.
    I imagine hand launching vs. trailer launching would be a certified positive.

    Perhaps paddle the area ahead of season,check it out.
    Hunters are present yet relatively uncommon in Florida :wink
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