Diamond Atomic Youth Compound Bow Package with upgrades and extras

Diamond Atomic Youth Compound Bow will grow with your child. upgraded quiver and sight. Extras.. Used, in a very good condition. Features adjustable draw weight settings from 6--29 lbs. and adjustable draw lengths settings of 12"--24", with adjustment marks and a rotating module that have extra no let-off setting. Anti-Backout system prevents the limbs from detaching, and no bowpress is required for adjustment. Brace Height: 6". Weight: 1.9 lbs.

The package contains:
Diamond atomic bow with installed peep, Bone Collector Apex Gear fiber optic 3 pin sight, Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, nocking loop and

The upgrades include: quick detach bow mounted 3 arrow Kwikee quiver and Bone Collector Apex Gear fiber optic 3 pin sight

The Extras include Allen Youth Armguard, Cobra Youth Release, 11 Carbon express Predator II arrows 20.5" long , youth back arrow quiver, Limbsaver Mini S-coil stabilizer and paracord Youth Wrist Strap.

Priced to sell. $165 firm.


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