Isn't it funny how...

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You can have a thread about food and it can turn into a Yamaha vs Mercury thread
Almost any thread can turn into one of the following...from my observations
1-Ford vs Chevy Vs Toyota
2-Something negative about Nate's boat/motor choice(or still about how he had a tower on a Mitzi) I think this one is up to like page 800
3-HA is a perceived cuban midget ghay bodybuilder landscaper
3-Pup is a pretentious winer mansy **** who want(ed) a pet to be named satchel-(Thanks B&T!!)
4-Tater is a monstrous graped non Apple gadget creator who thinks he is right about something(illegal aliens doing lawn jobs usually)

I'm sure there are more, but these were all I could think of now that some of the more illustrious OT members are missing.
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