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Marathon, FL... 8/6 through 8/14

Was a great time. Managed a few lobster, but they were tougher than normal for us.

Over the course of the week we got a full day in opening day. Full day Sunday. Half day Monday (had to pull boat for some issues). Dolphin fished on Tuesday (one 20" fish to show for it and some peanuts that had to go back). Full day on Wed. Half day on Thursday due to questionable wx Thursday am. Half day Friday so we could get back and pack for an early Sat departure.

Fun time. A lot of work, but still fun.

As of yesterday most things are back in order. Time to get the alligator gear together.

Day 1

Day 2

1/2 Day day 3... pulsed boat

Day 4... dolphin fish and pick up crew at KW airport

Day 5

Day 6... 1/2 for wx

Day 7... 1/2 day, time to pack up for sad drive home on Saturday
"Whatcha doin' in my waters?"


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