Indian Rocks Beack Shark

Last Monday I launched from Indian Rocks Beach looking for tarpon. As usual the wind was at least twice what was forecast (3 mph). It still wasn't bad, there just wasn't the calm surface that makes spotting fish a little easier. There was plenty of bait but I never saw a tarpon, I did manage one black tip shark about 4'. Personally I think anything that takes drag and pulls your boat around is fun so I had a good time. Below is a short video.


  • palmbeachpetepalmbeachpete Posts: 2,620 Captain
    Nice shark. Black tips are fun to catch.:Rockon
  • Fl_Native61Fl_Native61 Posts: 47 Greenhorn
    It was fun, I just wished it had jumped for the camera. While researching to verify which shark it was (black tips have no black tip on the anal fin, spinners do) I found out they're also one of the better eating sharks. I'll keep that in mind next time I go.
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