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Flooded Flats Palm Valley redfish: 10/27

My neighbor Pete invited me to fish with him for a couple of hours last Thursday to fish the flooded flats of Palm Valley. Was surprised at the number of boats fishing today as the tide was projected to be pretty high (6.4 feet @ 11:44 a.m.). The flat we were watching didn’t produce and some of the other options already had anglers either walking them or watching from their boats so we started looking around. Only saw two reds tailing probably on account of the pretty high water. We slipped over to work one red with both of us quartering it in different directions. As I tried cutting it off I took 2 casts but it didn’t work out. On the 3rd cast I had to underhand it as the red was about 20 feet away. With a twitch, twitch she jumped right on it.

Pretty cool sight fishing those reds in flooded grass.

Thanks Pete that was a lot of fun!



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