Navionics + Now Available in Regions....and Preloaded

mikenavmikenav Posts: 696 Officer
One-foot contours in fresh and saltwater are no available straight out of the box as Navionics+ Regions hit the market Aug. 1.

Broken into five different regions, covering the entire United States and all 18,000+ lakes, Navionics+ Regions can now be purchased for $149. The five regions are North, South, East, West and Canada.

That's $50 less than the full-blown Navionics+,which covers the entire U.S. and Canada. Which means more money in your pocket, especially if you only fish in a certain area or state. Lake Okeechobee anglers don't necessarily need to know the depth of Lake Havasu, nor should they have to pay for that ability.

Navionics+ Regions come PRELOADED with sonar charts and nautical charts. That means no need to upload or download anything. Buy the chip on your way to the ramp, stick it in when you get there and you're good to go with one-foot contours and community edits.


  • tk's joytk's joy Posts: 2,490 Officer
    Ain't that the way. Just used 2/3's of my RayMarine rebate card to get the whole thing and all I needed was the FL Panhandle. Oh well.

  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 696 Officer
    Sorry, TK! The good news is if you ever end up in Wyoming, you've got the best charts around...

    Good luck up there in the Panhandle!
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