7/30 Spearfishing out of Miami

So a buddy of mine comes up to me this weekend and starts hypeing up a new spot he found to spearfish here in Miami. He told me that he had pulled out a nice grouper from there the weekend before and had missed another. So after a couple beers and some talking s*** we decided to head out the following morning. This spot definitely didn't disappoint. Once we got in the water we made short work of some hogs and a decent mangrove. He told me if I find the cave to let him know. All I was thinking was a cave in Miami in 22ft of water yea ok:rotflmao Continued to swim around when I saw a ledge that looked pretty good. Went down and when I looked under ledge I almost s*** myself. Long story short it took almost 30 minutes to get that black out of that cave. Once we got it out I went back down to see it again and was amazed with how far back it went. After that we made some short work out of some muttons and decided to head in.


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