Where's the tarpon?

I just need a general ideal where the poons are.. Ty ty


  • SechelskiChrizSechelskiChriz Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Going to be staying down in the keys for a couple days...
  • kayakerinkeywestkayakerinkeywest Posts: 442 Deckhand
    Keys are 100 miles long. Might be helpful to know where you are staying. I was catching them up to the Tuesday before Mini-season in the channels on the Atlantic side. Usually it will take a few days for the remaining Tarpon to settle back in after all the boat and snorkeler traffic. There are plenty of Juveniles <40 lbers amongst the mangroves. Not too easy to find though without some local knowledge as you are working really skinny water.
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  • SechelskiChrizSechelskiChriz Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Yeah I got smoke but a couple of sharks...dead mullet in the bottom
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