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Late Post 7-16

Launched out of sandsprit at dark 30 in the morning to find minimal live bait! Ended up scoring a dozen and off we went till about 130' where a pretty distinct rip stopped me for curiousity. Drifting livies in the water column. My two buddies with me immediately hook up and got on one sail for two baits. Get him to the boat after striking out on his friend swimming with him and take a quick pick for a nice long healthy release. Had a short bill which look like it broke off a while back in his life. After catching some bonito we get hooked up to a healthy fish that made a hell of a run with the drag locked down. Get him to stop but couldn't turn him. Just dogged the real a little more for about 20 mins I fire up the motor to gain ground and then the inevitable face of defeat after he popped the 50lb braid. Makes for a good fisherman story I guess. Only thing weird was bluish-green water out to 120-140' and no bait at all. I have seen and heard about good bait reports since then but is anyone finding that color water that far out still?


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