Used kayaks for sale, KW area?

I will be returning to the Keys for my annual fishing trip next winter and I would like any info available on where to purchase a used kayak in the KW/Middle Keys area. I guess Craigslist may be a good place to look but any other suggestions are welcomed! This might sound crazy but the prices I've been quoted for a 10-day rental are close to what I'd pay for an inexpensive kayak brand new around here. I would like a sit-inside rather than a sit-on-top if possible, doesn't have to be fancy just reasonably stable and with enough room for a rod or two, small tackle bag, small bag with water. thanks!


  • kayakerinkeywestkayakerinkeywest Posts: 511 Officer
    Call all rental places.


    Classifieds this website.

    Florida Outfitters Kayak Shop up in Key Largo is probably the bets shop in the Keys. You might contact them prior to coming down and stop by en route. They annually recycle their rental fleet and sell at pretty good prices. They used to list everything they had used but it doesn't look like they do it any more or maybe they have it listed somewhere else.
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  • mikeloewmikeloew Posts: 339 Deckhand
    There is also a Kayak rental place in Marathon that is always selling their used stuff. But I have seen better deals on CL, But I guess by the time you weed out all the scammers on CL you are probably better off just buying from them.
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  • Skinny RunningSkinny Running Posts: 73 Greenhorn
    Someone just stole a single person Yellow "Tarpon model" Kayak from a house I rented in the lower keys. Like new. I'm sure that will end up for sale down there somewhere if it's not already sold. Security deposit wont even completely cover the loss.
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