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Trailer Rental

any place that rents trailers? have a lift kept Key West 216 bay boat and want to take it to Crystal River for a weekend - maybe the keys too


  • keenerbenkeenerben Posts: 82 Greenhorn
    I have encountered this issue many times as I keep the boat on lift and do not own a trailer. There do not seem to be many local places. I have tried to rent from private folks on forum but no-one seems willing to trust a stranger with their rigs (understandable).

    My new go-to is a very nice lady by the name of Rose who is in Pinellas Park (she has a bunch of trailers that she rents) her number is 856-371-5396. Used her once.

    Barry's Trailer down in Sarasota is a good fall back (941) 953-3468 used once.

    Also American Boat Trailer in Tampa 813-831-3384.

    Good luck and safe travels!
  • KeyWest216KeyWest216 Posts: 38 Greenhorn
    Thank you very much for that... Appreciate your insight
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