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Hey Guys and Girls

Looking to find out where i can park my truck and walk to one of the above mentioned areas to wade and fish without being chased away. Ill be in the water by 05:30 and out by say 08:00 - looking to catch whatever is around, will be throwing artificials. Not looking for any secret holes just a guide as to how to get to the other side to fish - i`m staying at Pennekamp at the moment - need to take a stab at some of the other fishing this side of the keys has to offer.

If you`re not comfortable sharing in an open forum please send me a PM.



  • GeeTeeGeeTee Boca RatonPosts: 128 Deckhand
    Anyone got some info for me please? Running out of time and dont wanna upset locals by tresspassing or worse, having my truck towed away.
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    Watch out for crocodiles.
    Joe G.
    Lighthouse Point
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    There are not a lot of places you can reach the water and even fewer that will have fish holding in the area in the key largo area. you can try around the new Rowell's park they have a kayak launching area you could park and wade the shore line in that area most of Black Water Sound is to deep to wade. if you can find a place to park near the Jew fish creek bridge. the north east side you have to get on the other side of the fence that's on the road but I see lots of bate and action along that shore line. you may be a lot better off if you drive down south to the areas just before Marathon. there are a lot more places down that way to wade fish I believe there is a whole section on that in the forums postings. type in wade fishing keys in the advance search window at the top of the page and you will see over fifty pages on wade fishing the keys good luck.
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    You can find parking by the adams cut bridge and fish on the West side. Lots of boat traffic though.
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    might be better wading at Pennekamp, probably better fishing. i see posts where someone is jumping tarpon out there pretty regularly on artificials.
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    Ha ha Soda - thats me jumping those Tarpon ;-) 2 mornings in a row, this morning however i didn't get a touch!!

    Joegiul - seriously, crocs? Aligators?

    Thanks Keylargo - ill go and look around and see if i can hop in the water at some of the places you suggested. Drove down to Marathon today with the kids and saw that there were alot more places to fish there. I`m headed down to Long Pine on Saturday so it will be alot closer for me to go and fish the Marathon area. Ill go and and do a search for the wading keys post!

    Humpinit - ill check it out - i fish 5.30 till 8 so i should miss the majority of the traffic ..... will keep ya`ll posted!
  • GeeTeeGeeTee Boca RatonPosts: 128 Deckhand
    JOEguil - checked the area Keylargo suggested i fish at Jewfish Creek, there is even a sign up that says Crocodile crossing???? Really? Sheez, i`m going to have to give that a skip seeing as i`m fishing on my own! Thanks for the heads up
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    There are a couple of big crocks in the Jew fish creek area they tend to stay close to the Anchorage inn or Gilberts I have not seen one on the shallows along the areas behind the fence. before they put the fences up there use to be tons of people that hung out on all those shallow areas along the road with no problems. the crocks around Black Water Sound tend to stay in the deep canal around the cleaning tables . I did read a while back that there is up to 400 resident crocks in the Black water Sound area. I see them in the canals all the time.
    The worst day of fishing is still better than the best day of work:\
  • GeeTeeGeeTee Boca RatonPosts: 128 Deckhand
    Hey Guys - so i spent some time getting up really early yesterday morning - spent most of my time driving around though, going to look at alot of the places you have mentioned and in all reality, there is very little access to the bay side. I ended up collecting the wife and kids and spent the morning at Rowells - to my surprise there was nobody there. Fairly well maintained park, nice and clean. I fished the bay side for about two hours wading in and out and around, managed a small Barracuda.

    I saw some really cool things : Saw a Manatee leaving the tidal pool, there were iguana`s all over the mangroves - cool.

    Son and i spent about an hour snorkelling in and out of the pool - we saw two 6ft Tarpon cruising slowly past us, now as a fisherman, this was WOW, really awesome. Saw tonns of pinfish, bait fish, pogeys maybe? Saw smaller snapper and of course barracuda, actually a whole school of the small ones.

    Ended being a pretty cool day! Thanks for everyone chiming in!!!!
  • GeeTeeGeeTee Boca RatonPosts: 128 Deckhand
    One thing i have learnt though is that coming to the keys without at least a kayak is a problem, boat preferred. Next time i`ll be sure to drag the boat along ;-)
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    GeeTee wrote: »
    One thing i have learnt though is that coming to the keys without at least a kayak is a problem, boat preferred. Next time i`ll be sure to drag the boat along ;-)

    This! I love wade fishing in the Sarasota bay area where I grew up. It is so much different in the keys. It is 1000x better with a boat or even a rental. There are so many fish to catch out on the patch reefs, main reefs, and in the blue water.
    Have you tried soaking some shrimp around some of the bridges for some snappers?
  • GeeTeeGeeTee Boca RatonPosts: 128 Deckhand
    Hey Sk - well, it seems as though its something im going to have to do. Ive been resisting using bait (i prefer artificial) but seems as though i`m about the give in. Wife has been asking "when are we going to eat some fish" - considering i fish every morning and every afternoon i guess she has a point ;-) Anycase. If the next 2 sessions dont pan out ill be sure to go and chuck some shrimp at the bridges. I`ll need to go and find some info on rigging for snapper though - never done it before. I`ve moved onto Long Key - beleive there are some Bones in the water along with some Juv Tarpon - hoping to hook into some but its time i get on the meat, i love eating fish .......
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