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Boynton Bch Drift - 7/24/2016

John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,974 Captain
Launched at Boynton inlet at 5:30 am. I found plenty of goggle-eye baits, but they were all small - 5" and smaller. Tried for runners, but as the sun was starting to rise, defaulted to buy bait from Ken of Extreme bait. I counted 8 other kayakers launching from Briny Breeze where ken was selling bait from his boat. On my peddle South towards Briny Breeze picked up a nice spanish mackeral trolling a yozuri crystal minnow. By the time I got bait, the sun had already risen. Put two baits out asap to try get in on the early morning bite -- no luck. Headed out to 250ft looking for blackfin when my vertical jig line was bitten off at the surface (Lost 300ft of braid, leader + Jig :( ). Hooked a sailfish in 200ft along a weedline. The sailfish sley ride ended in 470ft of water where the current was ripping 3kts. There were some birds diving nearby, a few small Blackfin jumping and fish on the meter 120ft down. More bad luck with the jigs...first cast out to the jumping blackfin, snapped the jig off my line. Tried using a small live gog on light line with a small hook -- no luck. Before the rain squal front forced me to end the day, missed 4 strikes on the vertical jig and what fought like a king mackeral on bait. Normally I am constantly keeping my eye out to avoid power boats that sometimes run over my bait lines, and often create hazardous waves that could easily swamp an unexpecting kayak. This trip was an unusual first -- A boat slowly approached me on 2 separate occassions to make sure I was OK. (Ominous looking rain front was approaching out of the SE). Even with the bad luck on the jigs, weather was great before the rain, and the sailfish made for a memorable trip. ,


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