CR Snookin'

Have had a lot of company and outings have been scalloping and fishing with boatloads of people that don't normally fish. Soaking bait is not my cup of tea, but we had fun and caught enough to keep it interesting. The other day we went to Sandy Hook, dogs and all. On the roundabout way home we looked for some Snook. My sister in law, Peggy, who wants to do everything herself, lost a really big fish, but managed this 34" Snook. To me, she doesn't work a Walk-the-dog lure right, but to the fish it's just right evidently as she hooked all the big fish and all I caught was some Jacks. Today I went out early with Robbie, but we started at slack high tide and didn't catch anything till the water was flowing out hard. Been catching smaller Snook and this 35" Snook is the first big one I've gotten in a month or so and a real treat. It was kinda beat up and thin, so maybe It was back from the spawn, but seems early to me. It's great to see a couple good fish! Robbie had a chance, but a big one got off on his only chance. Beautiful day and a little cooler water at 85-86 degrees.


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