Do NOT BUY a boat on E Bay if you have to use WE GO LOOK. Let the BUYER BEWARE,

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If you are buying a boat make sure you don't need to use the E Bay affiliate named WE GO LOOK if you have to have someone inspect it, hire a surveyor. I messed up and thought that if it's associated with E Bay it has to worK, RIGHT? It has to be reputable , RIGHT?

Wrong. I have been lookng for a used bay boat for 4-5 months. I thought I had found THE BOAT but wanted to have it checked out. Didn't know any Florida surveyors so I though I'd try WE GO LOOK, an affiliate of E Bay.
Do not use WE GO LOOk . Their 'Looker' as they call them was inept, lazy and stupid. He did the whole LOOK, WITHOUT EVER SETTING FOOT IN THE BOAT. And the management from THE CORPORATE OFFICE CLAIMS THAT IT WAS A GOOD Job. I requested that the ELECTRIC system be confirmed to be operational. So, this putz asked the seller without getting in the boat. The seller lied and said it worked fine. NOT. FLOODED AMD MOLDY BATTERY COMPARTMENT, AND MALFUNCTIONING SWITCH PANEL.

Sorry excuse for an inspectin inky opinion. Based on his glowing report, I drove for 14 hours, spent a lot on gas and put a significant down payment on it. The boat was not as advertised. At all. Now the seller will not return the down payment and 'WE GO LOOK BUT WE DON't TOUCH' WILL NOT ASSIST ME AND WHILE THEY REFUNDED MY MONEY, THEY WILL NOT ADMIT THEIR SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK ,

WE GO LOOK, in my opinion, is a rip off AND CON GAME. I will be glad to document this story with e mails and other correspondence.



  • LCinOHLCinOH Westerville OH; Daytona Beach south to the ML; St Pete and Boca Ciega BayPosts: 90 Greenhorn
    Here is a picture I took after I had trusted the looker and driven 14 hours, got hotel room saw this.

    I think he missed something. How can you look at a boat without getting in it and opening the hatches??????

    Sorry it is turn sideway. It wasn't when I took the picture :huh

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    Just rewire the whole thing.
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    I've bought several vehicles and powersports items on ebay without any problems, just asked for tons of pictures before I would purchase and I always saw exactly what I was getting. If ever an item would be something the seller lied about you are able to contact ebay and refuse/cancel the purchase. Don't be afraid to purchase from ebay just cause this guy didn't do it right!
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