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500 + on NightOwler out of P.E. Friday

Left PE Friday @ 1:30 and made our drop at 2:45. Got hooked up at 3 and fought the fish for 3 hours. Charlie (Chronic) manned the reel for most of the fight and obviously did one hell of a job. I steered and John (Semper fi Gumby) my neighbor was an awesome backup. The fish breached after an hour about 500 feet from the boat, Charlie and John didn’t see her but I said she was 450. Charlie assumed an exaggeration and thought 300. After an epic fight with runs, stalemates, dozens of Circles, line going slack and thinking we lost her 3 times, and endless work by my Dolphin Reel we got her close enough for a **** shot by Charlie. It then took us 30 minutes to get her in the boat after gutting her and removing the pec fins to pull her though the tuna door, she was just too fat! Thank God no sharks. She measured 103.5 inches and 65 inch girth after being gutted. We estimate 563 lbs., she was a pumpkin. Thanks to my dad, Lihan (the other Tom), Pumpkin Eater, and John at Hiliner (Diamond Braid) for all of your help in the past getting me ready for this awesome catch! SWO10/28/2011FL268


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