Spear Fishing Key Largo

Going to Key Largo this next week and I'm trying to do some spear fishing. I will be freediving so limited on depth. I realize that you can not spear in pennekamp so I was wondering if anybody knew where I could spear around key largo. Anything helps, thanks


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    you have to be 3 miles off shore and its not a strait line you need a chart plotter to know ware the line is . and you have to be south of Rodriguez key. there are other rules that govern the transport of spear fishing gear through the state park.
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    Be careful. I speared down there a few months ago and got stopped by FWC as they were running up and down the state water line. They are enforcing the boundaries. Make sure you are outside Pennekamp (south of Rodriguez Key), and outside of the the 3 mile line. That line fluctuates along the Keys, so you really need a gps to check as you go...
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    Do the same rules apply for Marathon?
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    wrong section; next time post to the general section ; this is not a 'report'. thanks
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