Hot Afternoon Reds...7/20

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Windsplitter (Captain Duane) and I slipped out at the early break of 10:30 AM to fish for reds. It was hot but we don't seem to have a big issue with catching fish when the temperature is hot. So we try to fish the tides and try to stay hydrated. We fished during the hot part of the day, took a lunch break, and were back in by 3:30 PM hot but happy.

It was a little slow at first but then as we warmed up so did the fish. I started off with three keeper reds and a trout before we decided to move. Duane, not to be out done, adds three more keeper reds in the boat. We again moved, I added a snook, Duane lost a nice snook, and we both added two more keeper reds for a total of eight keepres in the boat. We both lost probably three more reds as they were a little fiesty today.

All fish were caught in the usual spots, less than three foot of water with oyster bars, and on hard baits. The color choice was gold. They seemed to like the lures retrieved with fast twitches.

Two fish were over slot with the biggest at 30 inches. All the rest ranged from 24 to 27 inches ( a tourney fish for sure). The fish were revived and all swam away looking healthy. We didn't want to keep any this trip. Nice day on the Gulf with not a boat in sight. Pictures of the two biggest reds follows and Duane can add a video of a cacth when he gets it uploaded.

"And the ocean is howling for the things that might have been..."


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