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Coffee with cream

18 July 2016...Wabasso South...There are a few areas of clean water. The worst area was behind Johns Island. The water was a heavy coffee with cream. So bad that the trolling motor left visible trails. Started the day at Hobart Landing flat. One short Trout and a Ladyfish on the Arashi Top Walker. Next stop, North Sister Flat, some clean water, bait, but no fish. Quick run to Hole In the Wall. Water dirty, hit a pair of short Snook and watched a nice Red follow topwater plug to the boat, no hit. Back to the Sisters, lot of activity, an area of clean water, again a pair of short Snook. Big Mullet all over, spot 4 big Trout cruising the edge of the Mangroves. Good lead cast, problem, as soon as the Baby Vudu Shrimp hit the water an 18 inch Red hit it, Trout gone. Worked the spoil islands. More short Snook and Snapper. Nothing at the Estuary. Back in the real dirty water. Pair of Manatees tearing the place up. Working the Mangroves with the Baby Vudu Shrimp produced a 21 inch Trout. No Sheepshead today, water way to dirty to see them. More small Snapper and short Snook. On the way out, hit a 15,5 inch Red. Still looking for the Star tagged red.


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