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Kayaks with pedals/drives vs regular Kayaks



  • oarknotoarknot Posts: 246 Deckhand
    Paddling is more fun.
    Paddling is better exercise for my shoulders, back, and core.
    Paddling lets me charge through a nasty shore break, fish choppy seas, run the inlet, and surf my way back in.
    Paddling gets me way back in the weeds for duck hunting.
    My paddle never broke unlike those drive thingies.

  • sergiol83sergiol83 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    My 2 cents: peddles are great because they free up your hands. So if you are looking for a kayak mostly to fish on, Hobie makes some of the best sit on top fishing kayaks. If you want to add some sport to your fishing adventure, then go with a paddle kayak.
  • krashkrash Posts: 686 Officer
    You can easily see that this is very similar to the Ford vs Chevy discussion.. Its been going on for years and still there is no clear winner. Lots of good points for both options and lots of cons... It's a personal choice.

    I do not believe for a minute that Hobie kayaks are a superior product or that Hobie revolutionized the kayak world, and I've been paddling for many many years, but only fishing from kayaks since about 2001, I remember when Hobie kayak was known for its good customer service because when. (not if),  the area around the mirage drive or scuppers cracked and leaked filling the kayak with water the warantee covered the issue, if you could get a dealer to listen to you.  The company that owns Hobie kayaks does have a good hull design and was first to market with a proprietary pedal drive system so for those what choose to go with Hobie they should feel confident  Hobie as it was back in the day may have revolutionized an area of sailing with the catamaran hull design though, 

    There are several companies today that have several mechanically different pedal solutions, some have instant reverse some require a hand to change directions, most if not all require a rudder.
    Paddles are direct drive. and do not require a rudder, unless the hull design is not very good.

    I have no problems paddling, even with one hand on the paddle and one on a rod, and I can do that sitting or standing. I do not ever see any pedal kayaks in the shallow flats, wet mud to 18",  I fish unless there have parked or lifted the pedal propulsion device and started using their paddle or push pole. 

    Offshore fishing for sure it would be an advantage to have pedals to try and hold position in the wind, tide, current when jigging if that's the type of fishing you do. Pedal kayak's are generally faster using a different muscle group, but fast is a matter of perspective 3 or 4 mph vs 4 or 5 mph, and mostly useful to get from point a to point b.

    Old Fugger who just likes to fish
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