Drift anchor

SaltydawgSaltydawg Posts: 1,281 Officer
What is the best drift anchor for kite fishing? I have a 34 ft Sea Vee.


  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,154 Moderator
    I don't know the "best" one, but most boats I know of are using the 15' or 18' Paratech
  • FS JeffFS Jeff Posts: 371 Moderator
    I fish with a lot of guys on 33-36 foot CCs and most use the 15- or 18-foot Paratech as Jack Hexter indicated.

    Dusky Sport Center in Dania Beach has them and Mike Brown can help with rigging suggestions. http://www.dusky.com/

    I also see on their Website that Bouncer Smith has a seminar coming up on Nov. 10. He fishes a 33-footer and uses the 18-foot Paratech. Very friendly guy who would gladly answer your question in person.
    Jeff Weakley
  • SaltydawgSaltydawg Posts: 1,281 Officer
    They use the sea anchor from Paratech i assume? I wonder how good the paratech boat brakes are?
  • Snaggle toothSnaggle tooth Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    Paratech is the best in the business. My experience using them over the last 15-18 years is that they are extremely durable. I have used a 12' paratech on 3 different 31 Contenders I have owned and it is more than adequate in heavy seas. It keeps the bow into the waves very well. I also used it mid boat on easier days to allow me to drift sideways in order to fish 2 kites down wind, 4 flat lines up wind and 2 down baits. Any larger anchor would bury the bow in rough seas and not be nearly as functional for laying sideways. The 15' I am currently selling is perfect for a 33 to 40 foot boat for those reasons I stated above. I hope this info helps for those not sure what to buy and help you realize it can be used in many different ways. It also can be to large for a specific boat. I wouldn't reccomend any other brand. No I am not sponsored by them. Just a firm believer in buying things one time.
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