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Landscape Contractor/Brick Pavers?


I am looking for a creative certified landscape Contractor that can help me with my yard. I am trying to find one person that can handle all aspects of a yard remodel. I have a minor drainage issue that need attention first, pavers installed in the driveway and back yard, landscape lighting, and a general plan for planting, I will eventually fence in the entire yard. The home is not large and the yard is roughly 60' x 120'. I have been haphazardly going about things for several years and it is time to bring in a pro. I am tired of planting the wrong plant in the wrong place. Looking for someone that can draw up the plans and execute the major work, I can do some/most of the planting in the spring . Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Trying to help any forum brothers that are looking for work before I go to the yellow pages.

Many Thanks,

Brian Dufek
[email protected]


  • WildLinesWildLines Posts: 551 Officer

    On Monday I will send you a great guy, super reasonable and knows his stuff. He and he his guys do the work and he has a degree in the field. He is going to do my new place after the new year and it is time.
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