Elton Bottom 7.9.16

Took the trek out to EB with my cousins Mikey, Katherine, Trip, Tucker, and uncle rick and had a hell of a day! Loaded up on pogies and were fishing by 10am. Immdiate action in 110' with good sized sea bass, porgies, and triggers. My uncle Rick threw a free lined pogie out the back and had a King on the line before he could finish letting the amount of line that he wanted out. Not long after that we had three schoolies start circling the boat, we hooked one that spit the hook and couldnt get the other two to bite. So we went back to bottom fishing when my cousin katherine hooks a killer AJ. We missed two more strikes on the freelined pogie that were most likely kings. Again while bottom fishing, three schoolies show back up and we get a double hook up on em and into the ice. Move spots and get into a great beeliner bite, lost a couple good ones, but still managed 8. Just before we decide to pack up, a decent sized mahi shows up and I grab my spinning reel w a piece of squid with the tenticles still on and pitch it just infront of it and it slammed it immdiately and proceed to rip line until it took to the sky 30 yards from the boat. After about ten more heart stopping jumps, hes on the boat and heading for my dinner table. More than happy, we picked up the boat and I plopped myself into a bean bag and smiled the whole way back to Jax.


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