Family Scallop Trip To Homosassa GoPro

We made the run up north of homosassa to find some scallops. We ended up finding them in pretty shallow water and got our limit in a few hours. I don't usually get in the water much so it was fun doing something different. There were more boats out there then i've ever seen but with the exception of a couple most everyone was keeping it cool. Good time's but i'll stick to chasing red's and trout. A few pics and my first time using the GoPro under water.

Video Here [video]


  • huntentailshuntentails Posts: 1,696 Captain
    Kewl Stuff
  • xmuskyguidexmuskyguide Beautiful HomosassaPosts: 1,524 Captain
    Those are beautiful pictures of a great time. :thumbsup
  • AZ2FLAZ2FL Posts: 73 Greenhorn
    Nice pics !
  • BillyBilly ChassahowitzkaPosts: 2,676 Captain
    I saw y'all leave while I was at the ramp yesterday waiting for Duane to park his truck and thought it was as scalloping trip. We went south instead and the scallops were thick but the water was deeper.

    Nice GoPro movie.

    "And the ocean is howling for the things that might have been..."
  • acme54321acme54321 Posts: 326 Deckhand
    That's not shallow! Killed them Friday in a spot that was about 2' deep. Hard to search much ground at those depths because your face is 18" from it but they were so thick it didn't matter, plus you just reach down and grab them as you float along. Limited in no time. Saturday wasn't as good for us though.
  • Quad32xQuad32x Anthony , FloridaPosts: 130 Deckhand
    Looks like it was a great time !
  • RedbonzRedbonz Posts: 4,533 Captain
    If it don't fit force it. If it breaks it needed replace anyways. :banghead
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