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Chokoloskee 7/2-7/4

Late post kinda. Went down with 3 boats and 3 ladies 1 per so long story short getting on the water early just didn't happen Saturday or Sunday. Missed the tides again as it was bottom of the outgoing both first thing in the am and pm. My boat floats pretty skinny and being aluminum I don't worry much about bumping oysters. First day we managed 5 trout and 3 snappers. Released a couple small snook and more than our fair share of catfish 😡. Day 2 got some shrimps for the ladies and hit the gulf which yielded boat loads more of catfish along with some trout snappers and a bonus pompano. Did see a few tarpon but couldn't focus in on them to try and get a bite. Day 3 I got up early woke my good buddy up and we slipped off to finally do some topwater fishing before the tide fully fell. Landed 1 keeper trout released 2 snook between 20-24" missed a lot of good hits that didn't connect. And got broke off by 2 fish back at the dock by 9:30. All in all a great trip. Very hot water still dirty and bugs were fierce but fish were biting
Had a run in with the park ranger harassed the other 2 boats with me left me alone. My buddy had a trout that downsized on ice $130 14 7/8" long and back to the catfish it went. Never found really a good concentration of trout but 75% of the ones we kept I noticed had row in them must be getting ready to spawn. I forgot to mention most fish were caught on dos cals paddle tail in white/green white/gold black/gold brown/green and green/silver. I forget my jig head weight I wanna say quarter ounce and worked regular jig like or on popping cork/Cajun thunder deal.

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