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Any experienced salties with nothing better to do than fish/dive/teach this summer?

So I really don't have much to do this summer other than fish, dive, and spear. Are you the degenerate salty type who has nothing better to do this summer than show me the ropes? Non degenerates will work too. :grin

Spent the last two years rebuilding my Baha Cruisers 340 Kingcat, just moved to florida, and ready to fish her. I'm in Las Olas, and the boat is right behind the house. I'm about a 15 minute boat ride from the cut, right where the new river meets the intracoastal.
  • Powered by twin 6bt Cummins 370hp - 500 hours
  • New Rudders
  • New Steering Cylinders
  • New Mounts and Alignment
  • Kohler genset and AC (currently got an oil pan gasket and fuse to change)
  • New electronics (gps, radar, autopilot)
  • 4 new underwater lights in transom (blue)
  • Re-cored hatches
  • All new thru hulls (chrome)
  • New bilge pumps (6)
  • New water heater.
  • Plenty of other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting

If you know anything about Baha Cruisers, you know the finish out was dog*****. I've spent the last two years making her right, and more projects will be ongoing this summer and fall. That being said, I've never found another Baha Cruisers with as many options out of the factory she was...or found one ever rebuilt like her. I have done it right every step of the way.

I'd love to put a list together of a dozen or so guys or gals. I can go on any given day, so it'd be ideal to have a list of folks with different schedules. Whether you like to fish, dive, spear, or all of the above...really unimportant. I need experience in all three. Of course, sharing fuel/bait costs and the workload is helpful too.

I've also got a ridiculous amount of gear (rods, reels, bcds, regulators, etc.)

I'm only four months into south florida (texas transplant), and most of that has been spent working on the boat. I've got to go back to work come september, so I'm looking to hit it hard this summer!

Was around boats tons growing up, but pops was never a fisherman or diver...mariner's knowledge is decent. I've got everything teed up for a great summer, but the sportsman knowledge, and that cannot be bought.

Who's ready to teach?
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