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Beach Free Diving, FTL 10-28-11

Kaptan KKaptan K Posts: 90 Deckhand
Vis was not so great - 15-20' at best. The jellies are around again - not too thick. I saw maybe 2 dozen over 4 hours, and a couple I did not see but felt (OUCH). I saw jellies right in the surf but they were thicker 300 yards out. Current out of the south was pretty strong the whole time, even during what was supposed to be slack tide. The 2-4' waves (forecast was 1' grrrrr) also made it tough being at the surface. So, not ideal conditions but I'm glad I went. The weather isn't getting any better for a while...


  • RootbeerRootbeer Posts: 128 Officer
    Yup your right... I went today and the weather was horrible... viz was horrible! Some places you couldn't see a thing and others only 5 feet and some places you could see but most places were way to murky.... the current was kicking most of the time and the waves were pretty high and they said it was going to be 5 knots.. or 9 knots but yeah right - it looked more like 15 knots with some waves 5 to 6 ft over by Elliot Key...
  • Kaptan KKaptan K Posts: 90 Deckhand
    That's a bummer... Guess we're going to have to settle for the pool for water clarity for at least the next week. The weather has just been ugly more than not since September... :(
  • brettfitzbrettfitz Posts: 438 Deckhand
    When you say "beach free dive," explain your procedure. Do you swim out with some kind of floatation device and work the intermediate reefs? Or are you snorkeling the nearshore hardpan reef? Just curious - sounds interesting but I can't quite wrap my head around whatcha are doing.

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  • Kaptan KKaptan K Posts: 90 Deckhand
    I'm swimming off the beach to the reefs between the beach and up to about 1/2 mile offshore. Sometimes I use a kayak to get around, sometimes I just tow it behind me, sometimes I leave it at home. I don't have any serious dive equipment; a mask and snorkel from Walmart, some diving fins and weight belt I got off Craigslist, and some other tools and equipment I fashioned on my own. I do not have a wet suit or rash guard; just my trunks. The areas I "free dive" are usually at least 8-10' and as deep as closer to 30'. I'm usually alone, which is why I don't attempt deeper dives. I've never had any training related to free diving; just growing up in Florida and swimming since I was 4. For safety, I never hyperventilate and don't push the breath holds at all; I'm usually under for less than a minute at a time. At some point I would like to buddy with an experienced free diver just to test my limits a bit. I love being in the water and seeing the plentiful life that is the reef and around the reef. When conditions are calm, I've been in the water for close to 5 hours and could be in for longer if the parking meter had a longer limit. :) According to the GPS on my phone, which was double bagged and inside a tupperware container on my yak last time I went out, I was in the water for almost 4 hours and covered about 1.5 miles swimming around. The last 10 minutes when I climbed into the yak and paddled in. As I said in my post, the conditions were pretty tough; I don't think I've stayed out that long in conditions like that before. The wind, waves and current were all working in about the same direction, so having the yak tethered was a real challenge at times. Does this explain it a little better?
  • RootbeerRootbeer Posts: 128 Officer
    Kaptan K wrote: »
    That's a bummer... Guess we're going to have to settle for the pool for water clarity for at least the next week. The weather has just been ugly more than not since September... :(

    I hear you Kaptan... It really stinks! I still have been going out almost every week but it seriously is not my kind of conditions to spearfish in...
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