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    With those gunnels, I'd say more of a flats boat than a bayboat. I guess with the popularity of bay boats that they would like it to be called a BB.

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    Where id Voltman?
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    Que Mucho? Best of luck to you L&B, you earned your legendary status. Looks like you modified the cap and transom a bit, was that to avoid issues with the company you sold your molds to? Interested to hear how the contract read when you sold the molds of the 17,21,22,24 to IBW since you are both selling hulls now and there is confusion now from the consumers standpoint.
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    I'm a newbie on bay boats. Who is IBW. Tks


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    Lake and Bay sold their molds to Islamorada Boatworks a few years ago. I am not sure what the executed agreement entailed. Lake and Bay is now producing their complete line of boats (17,20,22,24) which are the same hulls they sold to IBW. Having previously owned, sold and purchased businesses it would really surprise me that IBW would have purchased molds knowing that Lake and Bay would start building again. I just wish I knew the details since it puts the consumer in an awkward position. I wish L&B the best and like the tweaks shown in the pics on the 21'.

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