06/28 Lower Keys Offshore

Haven't been out in weeks. Out of summerland. Took my dad out for first time in 8 yrs. used to fish with him all the time. Got to 400 saw a really nice rip with healthy weed. Within minutes we catch a giant 15 inch, yes 15 inch, dolphin. Let him go, troll it for another half hour, veer off of it.

Made our way to 500-550.. The 1-2 calm seas turned into deep swells in some places, spotty scattered weeds at best. . In 700 Saw a big bamboo went by 2 gaffers (just barely gaffers) in the boat. Disappointed with birds not working. Went by a pallet, log, and board. Nothing on troll nothing on stop. Turned around headed inward. In 600 weeeeeeooooooooooweeeoooooweeeeee dad grabs it finally stops. Comes towards boat, in the box wahoo high fives day made.

Saw a few billfish out there too.


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