Grouper and mango strikeout.

I loaded up the kids and wife and took the boat out Sunday to try out hand a some grouper trolling in the shipping channel. It was supper slow to say the least, so with having the kids on we moved over to the skyway rocks holding to pull some snapper for dinner but it was hard to get the bait down with all the Spanish macs. After the kids got there fill on grunts we moved in to a favorite day board and managed to pull some small mangos and watch a nice 6 foot blacktip rip through a bait pod. All and all great to be back on home waters and to show my kids the kind of fishing I grew up with.


  • XpatBubbaXpatBubba Posts: 33 Greenhorn
    Did you try chumming at the skyway rocks?
  • CaptainBlyCaptainBly Posts: 2,121 Captain
    Those big tides this weekend made it tough. We fished on Sunday as well and tried to time the mango fishing at the end of the incoming and the beginning of the outgoing. Did pretty good but once the tide started cranking the bite stopped or we couldn't get the bait where it was supposed to be.... Then we trolled a little bit and got one small gag but again the tide was ripping so we just went to fishtales....
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  • harbisonharbison Posts: 3,444 Captain
    Sounds like a fun trip. Trips with kids are very special. thanks for sharing.
  • SizuperSizuper Posts: 293 Deckhand
    I know it wasn't your target species, but if you couldn't get a bait in the water without getting hit by mackerel....well dang that sounds like a great day of fishing, especially for kids.
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