Some help with good artificial's from the beach.....

Looking for some lure info. I'll be down in So. Fla in mid September, staying on Englewood Beach. This year I am bringing a spinning rod along with my fly rod. Can someone give me some pointers on what artificial's to throw from shore? Thanks!


  • DubbleDeeDubbleDee Posts: 39 Greenhorn
    We enjoy casting spoons. Johnson Silver Minnow Gold with a plastic grub will catch just about everything. You can jig it or just retrieve. A Clarkspoon 00 in chrome does real well if the spanish are there.
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  • remo_5_0remo_5_0 Posts: 275 Deckhand
    Thanks DD!
  • tightloops65tightloops65 Posts: 115 Deckhand
    Mirrodine's (17mr-18), DOA shrimp in glo or copper crush/glo (w or w/o clacker), 4" white twister tails on 1/4oz jig heads. Also run about a 3' 30lb fluorocarbon leader.
  • remo_5_0remo_5_0 Posts: 275 Deckhand
    Thanks TL....I was planning on 20 lb. braid with 30 lb fluoro. leader, sound right? I also have some DOA airheads with 1/4 oz. weighted hooks.
  • tightloops65tightloops65 Posts: 115 Deckhand
    Yep, you're in business. I love the Mirrodines for covering water fast and they are great for pods busting the surface. Tie a loop knot or better yet, install a split ring when tying on the Mirrodine.
  • remo_5_0remo_5_0 Posts: 275 Deckhand
    Here are a few things I have put together so far...Silver/Chartruese Rat L Trap, DOA Airheads, White/Red bucktail jigs, some Zoom Flukes in Green Sparkle...need DOA shrimp, Zaraspook Red/White, Clarkspoons and some White Twister Tails...and some 1/4-1/2 oz. weighted hooks...think that will cover most beach applications?
  • whipachawwhipachaw Posts: 505 Officer
    More than enough, maybe toss in a pompano jig, My fav lure is a mirrolure 52m18
  • remo_5_0remo_5_0 Posts: 275 Deckhand
    Forgot about those, thanks!
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