mahi mahi?

Hey all I went out of Clearwater this past Saturday and headed out to a few wrecks in 45ft. I am 99% sure that saw a single Mahi swimming past us but did not get to cast at it. Has anyone else seen Mahdi within the first 15 miles?
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  • whipachawwhipachaw Posts: 505 Officer
    I have seen fish where they are not supposed to be. If the water was nice and clear, I would say what you saw was uncommon but not unheard of.
  • teamfiveteamfive Posts: 88 Greenhorn
    Last summer,June 29th approx,we were trolling 5 miles off venice inlet and picked up a peanut.the day before we landed a few out of a school 20 miles out.
  • partime30partime30 Posts: 79 Greenhorn
    this was no peanut more like a gapher. was pretty shocked and water was clear.
    Sea fox 226 commander!:fishing
  • GatorzzGatorzz Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    It's been quite a few years, but me and some buddies picked up about a half dozen schoolies hanging out around a big bag of empty milk jugs fliating about 6 miles offshore of Longboat Key. I was so excited when I saw them I ran down the gunnels to grab a rod and busted my **** right into the water!!!
  • partime30partime30 Posts: 79 Greenhorn
    gatorzz I was in long boat key for memorial day and saw two sail fish about 6 miles out too. there seems to be certain days where there is life everywhere.
    Sea fox 226 commander!:fishing
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