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Looking for some guidance on how to better my current livewell setup. I have an 1100 GPH pump that serves both a baitwell and a livewell. The only way for the water to circulate is to keep running the pump so water just overflows out of the side of the boat. I'd like to add either a recirc pump or an aerator to the livewell to keep fish alive. First of all, there is a difference between aerating and recirculating right? Is one better than the other for keeping fish alive? Attached is a diagram of my pump/drain/overflow. Thanks.


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    First off I just want to say I am impressed with your diagram. Very professional.
    My only question; is your bait dying now while in the livewell?
    My understanding is that while the water comes in and then drains out the overflow it is exchanging 1100 gallon per hour. That is a lot of water being moved. That should be more than enough to keep the bait alive.
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    No, bait is totally fine in the baitwell. It's more about keeping my catch alive in the livewell (reds, trout). I'm thinking about those times in very shallow water where the pump would pull in a lot of dirty water also thinking of potentially fishing a tournament where I could pull boat out of water and still run pump for some short amount of time to keep fish alive. Haha, thanks for the compliment...I can't help but draw diagrams when trying to explain something.
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    Ahhhhh now it makes more sense.
    A recirc pump is gonna take the water that's in there and pump it up and out usually a shower head type fitting and create more oxygen as it falls and agitates the surface making new oxygen. And a aerator is going to just make new bubbles adding oxygen to the water. I think either application would work for the purpose you described. My only concern would be the built up of ammonia in the water from The fish waste. That would be a problem for both bait and target species to think about.
    This is all my speculation. I could be completely wrong.
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    Here you go. It will re-circ the water and add air. Obviously, adding fresh water is needed to exchange the old/ammonia/hot water. But, this will help when moving on trailer.
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    I have a Keep Alive. It works fine, just pretty noisy.
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    Thanks, I'll look into keepalive. Was hoping not to add any more holes to live well.
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