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A poor fishing report.

I went out this morning hoping to get a couple of flounder. With all the great reports, it really got me fired up. I told my wife I would search out some stuffed flounder recipes and make her some. I got to my first spot about 7:45am. First three cast, I had two fish. A keeper trout and a 14" flounder. I turned them loose hoping to catch some bigger flounder. Well, over the next three and a half hours fishing about a dozen spots, I caught two more small trout and that was it.

I would like a little advice if possible. I fished from the Matthews Bridge to the west side of Quarantine Island. Depths from 3-20 foot. Rocks, docks, sand, I think I covered it all. I tried slack water spots and current. The tide was coming in so I am not sure whether that makes a difference. I know most of the reports I have been hearing has been around the Blount Island area but I thought I would be fishing close enough to at least get a couple. I used jigs, live mullet on a fish finder rig, jig/spinners but no luck.

I am not looking for anyone's spots just a little knowledge about what someone would look for as far as depth, structure, tide etc. to help me find a few fish for myself.

Thank you,



  • Sea SnakeSea Snake Posts: 5,500 Admiral
    I feel your pain.....I actually took the day off on Wednesday, fished a super high tide in the morning, caught two potato chip sized flounder (barely 10 inches)

    Then went to a Dr's appointment....on the way back home grabbed a couple dozen mud minnows for B & M and headed back out. to try the afternoon tide (last of the outgoing)

    ...Caught two more 10 inch potato chips....moved and tried one last spot near the Dames Point bridge.....and figured out another good use for mud minnows....huge Virginia croakers !!!

    Those croakers saved the day...used up all two dozen and boxed 14 giant croakers some pushing 2 pounds each.

    Then while throwin the cast net for some more mullet....caught a 3 or 4 pound flounder from the dock in the cast net !!!.....go figure....

    Oh yeah then my little boat fell victim to the dreaded ethanol....so she's over at Charlie's getting the carbs re-done. :banghead

  • brad safreedbrad safreed Posts: 562 Officer
    Was the water still silty?? It was pretty bad last saturday and this monday in that part of the river and that will run them off every time. That's probably why the bite was so good around Blount Island.
  • nitroskiffnitroskiff Posts: 1,623 Captain
    I told my wife I would search out some stuffed flounder recipes and make her some.

    Theres the problem. You jinxed yourself. :)

    Never fails. When you plan on catching some for a cook out, you cant pay a fish to bite your hook. Or like me this weekend. Im taking someone from the forum, never met them and watch, my hot spots will be dead! Never fails LOL

    Im wondering how the fishing is going to be this weekend with the change of weather tonight and the winds picking up as the weekend goes on. The keep changing the winds for sunday, now there predicting wind gusts as high as 28mph.
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  • FlounderMcFluttonFlounderMcFlutton Posts: 170 Officer
    The bite was slow the last few days - I've averaged around
    10 to 15 per day but I had to dig deep into my bag a tricks
    to do it. Most the ones that i caught were really good fish.
    Could be a sign they are charging for the ocean. This wind
    should fire something back off.
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  • Brother DaveBrother Dave Posts: 595 Officer
    Those fish r on the move. Winters coming soon! Temp in the river has been dropping steady
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