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We are currently staying at IRB. Went out to the surf at daybreak and caught a pretty good mess of lady fish. What typically cruises the beach this time of year? All I've really got are a handful of clouser minnows and a couple of deceiver type patterns. Would love to target something a little bigger if something is here. Any help is great. Thanks!

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  • sunflowersunflower Posts: 504 Officer
    You are in perfect season for snook.
    Your flies are fine. The smaller and whiter the better.
    Two keys: fish at absolute sunrise, and realize that the snook are only about three feet from the edge of the water, in the first trough.
    You should be standing on the dry sand.
    If you cast out deeper, you will catch ladyfish, maybe Spanish mackerel, and sea trout if there is structure.
    Cast parallel to the beach. You can often see and target the snook.


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