Using Crabs for Bait

Would appreciate some basic help on using crabs in Charlotte Harbor. Realized I can get a few behind the house, and have heard they make good bait, but unfamiliar with how to rig them, etc. Have seen a few tarpon out in the deep holes, had one on for a few jumps on a catfish tail, wondering if the crabs might work out there. Thanks in advance, Frank


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    Grab them with pliers and crush their claws, they will "drop" their arms with the claw attached.

    Use them as tarpon bait, either with our without a float. If you're new, I'd suggest about 6' below a float. The point being if they get on the bottom or into the grass, tarpon generally won't be able to get them.

    Hook them in the spot marked in this photo (that's a pass crab not a blue crab, but that doesn't matter as the spot is the same), from bottom to top:


    Tarpon love crabs of all sizes, but the smaller ones (say 2-3" from point to point) seem to work better.

    Hope this helps...Mike
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